As an aspiring politician

As an aspiring politician it’s probably unconventional to discuss the distrust I have in politicians. I’m not saying all politicians are crooked, and ethics and morals are definitely lacking in some and the fact that they go about creating policy to pave the way to legally allow themselves to work the system is part of the problem. Do you know the biggest part of the problem? The people, the disengaged population that has thrown their hands up and doesn’t see how their vote could make a difference. I totally get the frustration, cynicism and resignation. Even as a politically engaged person, it’s disheartening to see the undemocratic process of doing unethical things within the legal guidelines. Just because you can vote to not release the financial details on a project gone wrong, doesn’t mean it’s right. Doesn’t mean the intentional lack of transparency absolves the politicians from their accountability in the matter, except their gaslighting and theatrics up to date have been effective slight of hand to get away with pretty much everything.

I’m sick of the dysfunction in democracy, I’m sick of intentional loopholes left to benefit the elite and I’m absolutely done with crooked people placating us with empty words, fingers pointed everywhere but themselves for accountability and ineffectiveness.

I don’t care what the opinion of the politician is on a matter, I want to know that their opinion can be put aside if it does not align with that of the majority of the people. I dream of an engaged population that holds the line with politicians for accountability, that engages in the process and doesn’t just react to the outcomes.As a mayor candidate in Airdrie, my goal is to double voter turnout, to meet people where they are at and give succinct, articulate information they need, to be aware of the issues at hand. I will not make any election promises, because to be in my integrity I cannot give my word to anything from the outside. Once elected my promise is to be the bridge of information and transparency so we can build our democratic muscle. Voting is the bare minimum responsibility of every citizen, the engagement afterwards is essential for democratic society. It’s the job of the mayor and councillors to bridge the needs and desires of the people through reciprocally being as engaged as they expect the people to be. I don’t expect the people to watch 13hr council meetings, I’ll be bringing the Coyle’s Notes on council meetings, initiatives and concerns. Airdrie citizens are big people, with big lives, they don’t need a person to lead them, they need a person actively engaged to serve them. I became the self appointed #communityconnector years ago, because I see change through the people, not politicians. This October we will see a minimum 22k people place their votes for their mayor, council and school trustees. This October is the start for the change we need, I humbly ask for your vote, for the opportunity to serve Airdrie as Mayor.