If we don’t engage and uphold civil discourse about important matters, we are part of the problem.

At a grassroots, community level we have become so polite and a stay in your lane society it’s an anomaly to know your neighbours. When we do engage in social media, we say things to each other we’d never want our children to read. How can we be a village of that is the case? While I’m not an expert and have no right to ask, here I am asking. Please consider who you are being in political discourse. We attract politicians that are willing to accept being completely abused by their constituents for a paycheck.

I’m running for mayor in Airdrie.

I’m human and I’m here to serve. My vision is to see democracy work as intended in our city. I’ll lead myself with integrity and follow the people. My opinions have no more value than those of Airdrie citizens. We have to stop asking politicians for their opinions on matters and start testing if they can listen, if they have ethics and if the needs of the people is greater than their ego. I’m running for mayor because I have strengths to contribute. I’m not claiming to be better than anyone else, I’m here to stay focused on the task at hand and keep conversations going so actions can be taken. I envision meeting people where they are at and engaging our population to play their essential part in a functioning democracy. I challenge status quo constantly because improving where we can is our human nature and we’ve allowed that to wither within our government systems. I am running for mayor now and my personal mission is to connect our communities, reinvent government with the intention of creating stability, accountability and functioning democracy on all levels.

The resigned and cynical rule the land, with “this is how its always been done.”

I propose we embrace our history, learn and move forward newly rethinking what the future looks like. If our future looks a lot like it did 5 years ago, we’re failing our children. Nations rise to greatness with engaged populations, not seasoned politicians. #artofenough #lindseylistens #coylecommunicates #lindseycoyle4mayor

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