I’ll respect your autonomy if you’ll respect mine.

Like I said, I’ll lead myself with integrity and listen to you as Mayor for Airdrie. Long before deciding to run for mayor I have been guided by the desire to connect our community, so much so I assumed the title #communityconnector three years ago through the business I started #airdrieexchange. Throughout this pandemic I witnessed community members turn on each other based on their personal opinions about masks, vaccines and restrictions as a whole. My stance has always been the virus is the enemy, not your neighbour so keep yourself safe as you see fit and when the pandemic is over the effects of the division created will need to be healed.

I am clear about what I can control, and that is solely me. I am clear I can communicate my opinions without making others wrong in theirs. My personal motto is “Take no shit, do no harm.” what that looks like is self governing within my boundaries, communicating respectfully and creating space with who I’m being for others to choose for themselves freely. I chose to vaccinate based on my lived experience of the pandemic, I acknowledge I believe in science and I had to step over the unethical practices of big pharma and trust their intentions were above board to be here today with my 2nd dose onboard. If you choose to not vaccinate, that is your choice and I believe in autonomy so fiercely that I cannot cherry pick when and how it’s applicable within the confines of the law. I learnt through this pandemic that if you do not provide all the information needed by the people, it breeds distrust and the people will fill in the blanks with their own story.

I have the utmost respect for our current council for how they managed a most difficult situation and to criticize with the benefit of hindsight is not something I’ll engage with. To move forward, we will need to create a community that all can belong to regardless of their personal opinions. We are all smart enough to know, those that think differently aren’t going anywhere and coexisting peacefully makes more sense than imposing my views on others. When you believe yourself to be whole and complete, you have the capacity to treat others as such as well. Funny how that works. #artofenough #lindseycoyle4mayor #airdrievotes #22kvoteoct2021