I’ve been getting advise about toning down my opinions

I’ve been getting advise about toning down my opinions and voice now that I’m running for mayor of Airdrie. While that is probably prudent and it comes from a place of wanting to see me succeed, I politely decline.

I want to be a candidate I’d vote for. I want to disrupt politics because I think it’s dysfunctional and voters play a part in perpetuating the dysfunctional cycle. Hear me out.

I was guilty of trying to find a candidate that seemed to align as close to my values or way of thinking around some key issues. That’s why we ask for their opinions on matters. We are smart enough to understand people say what they need to say to get the job, date or sale right? So wouldn’t that be the same thing if I toned down or stopped voicing my opinions?

Whether you agree or disagree with my opinions, you always know where I stand which creates space for others to consider where they stand and that to me creates a sense of security. Can you say you trust where people stand when they are mute about important matters? I’m not here to say what you want to hear to get votes.

I’m here to speak my truth about important matters because the issues are bigger than me and you are going to vote how you vote, I have no control over that. I always thought politicians spoke out of both sides of their mouth and it’s because of them trying to please their audience. You are not my audience, you are humans and I’ve learnt how exhausting it is to try to please people. We need to stop wanting to be pleased by our politicians as I’ve been let down more times than I can count.

I want honesty and transparency and I think that doesn’t just start after the votes are counted. Beyond that, how a person speaks, treats others and holds themselves privately and publicly shouldn’t change to get a job. I’m humble enough to understand my opinion is worth no more, no less than yours and if I’m to serve Airdrie as a whole, I have to be willing to be in respectful conversation with all. That is something I bring to the table, and believe we need more of. I am human and I will inevitably stumble, I ask for your compassion to not hold me to an inhumane standard. #lindseycoyle4mayor #airdrievotes #artofenough #communityconnector