About Us

About Us

Airdrie Exchange is a movement to connect the community through a local business directory and event calendar. Businesses are able to save time and money in their efforts to be seen by the market they serve by participating in this local directory. We will be using the participation fees to advertise and market to the families and individuals of Airdrie and area. This is an inclusive directory for all, if you have a web-based business, MLM, mom and pop shop, industrial or big box as long as you are licensed to conduct business in Airdrie and area you are welcome.

We have and are constantly negotiated long term bulk rates to advertise through many different media venues and once the revenue dictates we will open up ATown Syndicate, an advertising consortium for businesses to get access to advertising on highway digital boards, bus wraps, pages in the local paper and ads on the local radio at an affordable rate.  A business community that collaborates and combines their buying power to share the advertising spots will see new results by doing different things.

How we are different

We believe that for the support local movement to really take off, we need to connect people to the owners, managers and teams of the businesses that serve them.  If someone needs your product and or services what draws them to your business over the others in your industry?  People connect to people not things. You’ve already come up on a search for your industry so why do you do what you do, why is it important to you?

This is our why. We started Airdrie Exchange because we believe you have to shine a light on what you want to see thrive. Great ideas are all around us and we need to be open to trying new and different things if we want the possibility for greater results.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

Airdrie Exchange is connecting the community and cultivating a collaborative environment for exponential thriving.

We are bringing humanity to the forefront while honoring our responsibility to peacefully challenge status quo for positive change.

Responsibility, integrity and compassion