Blog 10 Rob Cadwell of CADCO Rentals

Rob was the first to add a business in the directory and he took advantage of the 30 days free option. He was operating a trucking company in Spruce Grove and he changed gears(yep totally intended) and started CADCO Rentals. In April of 2018, Rob brought his family owned business CADCO Rentals and the impressive inventory to Airdrie in an effort to be closer to his home and family that had moved to Airdrie over 2 years ago.

CADCO Rentals machinery inventory available for rent can cover your home jobs to commercial, from skid steers, mini backhoes and small to medium loaders, dump trucks and more, with free delivery and pick up. YES free delivery and pick up so that means no truck, no problem. No straps or tarps to rent as well, so their value to homeowners and small operations is huge. However they can accommodate large commercial and industrial outfits with their equipment needs as well. I was told that you can put a rider on your home and auto insurance for the equipment rental to extend your liability and add fire theft and loss. 

Rob has a huge desire to give back to the community especially to young kids. I couldn’t help but think of my little brother that was infatuated with loaders and dump trucks and how he would have been absolutely gobsmacked if he got to explore one at that peak interest age. We discussed the possibility of creating just such an opportunity in the community for our littles that love the machinery that Rob has. Both Rob and I grew up with trucking and heavy machinery, we both discussed sitting on our parent’s lap “driving” or in my case scooping and dumping sugar beets. So how does that shape you as you grow up? I couldn’t help but think that we both are business owner… Hmmm, I wonder? We’re happy Rob listed with, this spring our backyard project seems much more feasible with the equipment we now know is available to us. 

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