Blog 7 Airdrie Exchange Business Connection to Beckie Lower

Beckie Lower is the epitome of the insurance agent that cares. She is with A-WIN Insurance Airdrie West and integrity and compassion are the qualities I can personally attest to as I use her for some of my insurance needs. I say some because when we looked to see if switching made sense she told me we had done well in our coverage and that it would serve us better to remain with the same company, she wasn’t in it for the sale but for our best interest. In the insurance industry I find that a rare quality, but as of late as I have met with more and more insurance agents I am seeing a different side to the industry. Good people working within the confines of an industry that has lost the trust of many. I have personally worked with life insurance and despite my intentions to help if I could, I was up against the distrust created by the industry at every encounter. I have so much respect for people like Beckie that genuinely want to protect people from the liabilities that can devastate a family unnecessarily. If you asked her about her involvement in the community I would make her blush at the length of the list of committees, boards and volunteering she musters each year. I love an independent business woman that knows how to hustle! Her tagline is quite cheeky, pun intended,

Experience Peace of Mind Knowing We have your ASSets covered.

Beckie emcees at events at times and is an uplifting and charismatic speaker to the human spirit to overcome and persevere through hardship and quick on her toes with humour.  I knew we had to be friends when she emceed at the AWBA event I attended, and the cordless mic wasn’t working, she quipped “Don’t you hate when your batteries die?” The coy smirk on her face had me burst out laughing in a rather demure quiet crowd. While we both tried to contain our laughter, we shared the moment and I would say a friendship was born. Now possibly Beckie is going to wonder why I’m speaking to this as it’s as far off topic as one can get from property and commercial insurance. Insurance is a necessary evil in our adult lives that we begrudgingly acquire to protect ourselves. Or is that just me? When you go into regular directories looking for car or home insurance you see all the different but recognizable insurance companies. I’m a firm believer that the person that takes care of your insurance needs is of more importance than company or rates. When you can feel at ease and trust the agent taking care of you and your family’s liabilities, you have an ace in your pocket.  Beckie is a great person and that matters when it comes to doing business with people. As more independent insurance agents and brokers start to fill our directory, I want to connect you to the person and team and you can follow their link to website of social media to learn more about the products and services.  

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