BLOG 8 Kelsey Davidson Alive Fitness & Wellness

I met Kelsey online when she was running a 30 Day Facebook Fitness challenge through her business Alive Fitness and Wellness over two years ago. Not only did I complete numerous months of workouts through her app, I also attended a workshop where I finally met her face to face, where she introduced me to numerous powerhouse entrepreneur women. Brandy Corcoran was collaborating with Kelsey for the workshop as a trained counsellor and she also just happens to be a Norwex National sales director. Lenora Collins a spiritual coach and healer and all around amazing person you’d love to be around, her energy is contagious. Three valued relationships formed in one last minute decision to say yes to attending a women’s empowerment workshop. Kelsey tends to be a catalyst for bringing women together and now I see her encompassing tweens and teens under her wings of care. This is something I completely support as Kelsey is a great role model of being competitive and compassionate, together, these two things create a healthy sense of confidence. Don’t be fooled by her soft voice and kind smile, she is a fierce badass that picked up and moved to Costa Rica with her family because she wouldn’t let fear hold her back. That is something I admire about her. Kelsey’s approach to wellness is not about just exercise and nutrition but to play outside with your kids and feel good. She adds a soft and subtle element of accountability that works, and I personally appreciated it, I attribute that to her being a good read of what a person needs or likes to remain motivated. That’s kind of a key element to creating a healthy lifestyle. Kelsey brought Airdrie the first Breast Cancer Live, Love, Run this past month out of sheer dedication to her community. We are so glad she is participating in our directory, she’s a health influencer in Airdrie so keep an eye on her!

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