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Blog #5

I have been sweating thinking about writing this blog, I said I was going to write about things about myself that I’m proud of. I think I must write how uncomfortable I am writing this to offset the pompousness I think bragging about yourself I feel. You know how you judge others for things that you have an issue with in yourself? When someone brags, I poker face and try not to roll my eyes. I am not familiar with what amount of self praise is appropriate or healthy so I think I avoided it all together. Alright 5 things I’m proud of and things that have set me up to succeed in life.

  • I am stubborn and tenacious, I do not get knocked off task easily nor would I stay down if I was. My commitment to seeing Airdrie Block Parent established in our community is a good example that if I am committed, I am committed.  My husband with whom I’ve been with for over 24 years can attest to this sentiment as well.
  • I know who I am, what I stand for and my worth and don’t feel the need for anyone’s approval. I am so grateful for this and I thank my parents for instilling this in me. My dad gave me some great insight into the male psyche as a young tween and it enabled me to see boys are humans with insecurities and fears just like I had. I related to boys and eventually men with more compassion and my affinity for the sisterhood of women was influenced by all my aunties that were present and a part of my circle of influence growing up.
  • I feel a responsibility in the world to do my part. Apathy is the bane of my existence. I believe I am either a part of the solution or I am a part of the problem, so I choose my course of action accordingly. My grandma was an avid recycler and composter well before the green movement took, her example impressed upon me that you have to put your action behind your mouth on what you claim as important to you. That means I have to step into leadership as needed to see things through.
  • People know where they stand with me. I am an open book, I say what I think and don’t judge. I accept the vulnerability that comes with sometimes taking the unpopular stance and can openly admit my fears and limitations. Some people might call this not having a filter, but I’d like to point out that I have yet to swear in this blog not because I don’t swear but because by the time the curse leaves my brain and I am typing I am able to curb it. In person I am not as G rated, so be forewarned.
  • I am accountable. I am responsible for my life, the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve become much more aware of my ego and the havoc it can wreak on my choices.  I am in tune to  the emotions I feel and I respect them as they are felt and I remain curious and brutally honest with myself on why that emotion showed up. Someone once said something to me that really helped me be more self compassionate when I failed to do something I said I would as this used to be in my mind a lack of integrity. I am human, so I will fail to keep my word at times, but I can 100% honor my word by acknowledging, accepting responsibility and making right when I fail to keep my word. I essentially redefined integrity and the level to which I hold myself which is forgiving in itself by new definition but always accountable.

No bonus as I am maxed out on this subject. It was a challenge and I feel the need to add a caveat, I’m human so nothing stated above is 100%, as perfection is not a part of my genetic makeup.

I feel I have adequately exposed myself in my first couple blogs, so now I will move on to others and discuss their why’s in their business.

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