I Graduated from Tourism and Hospitality Management in 2000 right at the turn of a new century, worked in marketing and customer Service for many years for technology companies. I got inspired by computer science technologies and Graphic design during this time.

I also had passion for swimming, always had it since my childhood. I fulfilled that dream certified myself for Bronz Medallion, cross, national lifeguard, first aid, CPR and AED, worked as a part time swimming instructor and lifeguard with City of Calgary and still do as hobby. This also provided me an opportunity to upgrade my technical skills by joining University of Calgary and acquired Graphic Design, Digital Media, and Front-end developer certifications.

I am advisory board member on environment for the City of Airdrie, and volunteering for many social organizations. Going through different social networking meetings, I had a strong realization about how much businesses don’t understand digital transformation requirements to fit into today’s digital world. To address this unique challenge, I not only opened my own business Distinct Graphics and Software Solutions operating since 2018. I also decided to become an active speaker to ensure businesses adopt value propositions and be smart around digital transformation requirements



Marlaine is a busy mom of three boys, with an amazing partner, she is a flight attendant that is seen volunteering extensively with causes she believes in.



Jessica is a dedicated community member committed to education, well-being and safety of children, beyond her own. She actively volunteers to create the community she wants.



Jori has brought our community together over the years to support people when they need us most, her personal strength and resiliency inspired those around her to take action.



  • Community minded, health focused local woman with a desire to see her community thrive.
  • Volunteer history
  • Airdrie Health Foundation
  • Airdrie Children’s Festival
  • Airdrie Mayor’a Night of the Arts Awards
  • Airdrie Fest
  • Airdrie SMARTstart (as a participant and now a sponsor)
  • Artember
  • Airdrie Minor Hockey Association
  • Airdrie Ringette Association


Kat is a third year university student studying music at the University of Calgary. She has lived in Airdrie her whole life, and is passionate about creating meaningful change in the community.



I have lived in Airdrie for 23 years and remember when I could count the number of traffic lights on one hand; wave to cows where the Sobeys is and the closest convenience store was inconvenient for me. I have been volunteering at Bert Church Theatre for the past 4 years and now also have a casual position at the Box Office there. I’m looking forward to being back at a place that has brought me so much joy and community connection over the years. I have also recently started working at the Airdrie Public Library which has been such an important community anchor for me, especially since having kids. It has been a place for social connection when they were pre-schoolers and has also been a sanctuary for me when I have needed a break from them — either to choose books, videos or attend author nights. Like the City of Airdrie, the Airdrie Public Library is also a place of community and opportunity. When not working or looking after my family, I enjoy playing tennis and riding my bike on Airdrie’s awesome pathway network.