Lindsey Coyle on Youtube

Somedays writing doesn’t flow so I start the camera and do a video. These videos are not rehearsed or scripted, they are simply a different medium for sharing my thoughts on issues we are dealing with or impacted by. I always invite you to contribute your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

Policing Budget Issues & Ideas

Describing the current shortfalls for policing budget based on provincial and federal downloading and some ideas to possibly improve upon this issue. #22kVoteOct2021 #LindseyCoyle4Mayor #CommunityConnector #AirdrieVotes

Economic Recovery & Taxes

I'm suggesting we explore reducing the property tax of brick and mortar businesses and introduce a low business tax. I'm suggesting this as a means of spreading the tax burden so it doesn't just rely on a few as we move forward.

Youth Drop-in Centres

Giving our kids access to things to do over the summer is not a nice to have but a need to have in Airdrie. By providing access to school gymnasiums during the summer, with supervisors for activities, it's a start. The impact on our kids mental health and the crime rate in Airdrie requires that we do something new in addition to what we already doing.

#SuicidePreventionMonth Normalize struggling

I'm sharing my personal struggle so anyone out there currently in struggle doesn't feel alone, even if it's just for a moment.

#LindseyCoyle4Mayor - Technology

This video is about my idea of using more technology, again I make no promises on my campaign platform, simply ideas of like to bring forth if elected. Making life in Airdrie easier and better seems like the point, doesn't it? #22kVoteOct2021 #CommunityConnector #AirdrieVotes

Arts in Airdrie as experienced by Verone & Bruce Solilo

I am meeting with community members to have conversations about things that matter to them. Verone is a self taught artist that you can buy art from or commission for a piece through, she has the IG handle @ArtWorkByVerone We discuss what's its like being an artist in Airdrie, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

You asked, I answered.

I struggled answering this, because in my focus of connecting our community, my opinion would inevitable invalidate a portion of community and I will not contribute to that. My opinion on vaccines is irrelevant. Vaccines are a personal choice between individuals and their doctor and we are all navigating this difficult time together. The scope of power the municipality holds when upper government levels impose a policy that impacts us all, is limited. The policy your council puts forth is about finding the best balance of impact from a policy that is effective for the community as a whole, including all of your and your spectrum of opinion on matters. Advocacy for the different portions of our community impacted is possible and would be a better way for us to focus our energy, than all the internal bickering based on the differences of opinion.
Three areas of advocacy I see needed are: -getting metrics and clarity from province on what we are working towards and when the passports will no longer be necessary so we can participate in that. -supporting our community members unable to get their surgeries by staying out of the hospital. Following health measures outlined (vaccinate, mask indoors, physical distancing and hand washing) and whether you are vaccinated or have chosen not to, pay attention to your health and explore boasting immune system with your doctor. -bodily autonomy is said to be determined between individual and their doctor, we could advocate with province to widen the scope of exemptions as solely anaphylaxis is not respectful of the diverse health conditions people in our community have that has them fearful of the vaccine.
Municipal governance is meant to bring us together for progress.
Rain or Shine, We Move Forward Together
#22kVoteOct2021 #LindseyCoyle4Mayor #CommunityConnector #AirdrieVotes